Yoga studio "Shanti"

In the center of a bustling city, there is a place where the unity of body and spirit takes place in an atmosphere of home comfort and peace
In the yoga studio "Shanti" you will find a warm welcome, individual approach, a sincere smile and hot delicious tea.

Yoga is a holistic and multifaceted teaching about the knowledge of oneself and the world around us, which has a thousand-year history. In ancient times, it was an extremely closed system, because the techniques and practices were very strong and gave real power.
This science is very specific, it has a lot of specific exercises and techniques that allow you to realize your inner potential, to reveal the colossal physical and mental abilities inherent in each person, to maintain yourself in excellent physical shape.
Practicing yoga, a person comes out of the "gray everyday life" into a new, completely fantastic and magical world, becomes more open, sincere, kind, begins to live a brighter, richer, more fulfilling life.
Teaching not only helps to improve physical health, to gain a strong, slim, hardy body, but also allows you to fully realize yourself in all areas of life – in work and study, in career and business, in family and interpersonal relationships, in professional and personal development and many other areas of human activity.
This is an extra-karmic gift from the Universe, left to us by the teachers and teachers of antiquity, who have already achieved all the goals that can only be dreamed of. They left us the knowledge of yoga to help us change our lives for the better as quickly as possible, to rise to a new spiritual level.

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Olaya St, King Fahd, Riyadh 12262, Saudi Arabia

What is the main secret? How to understand which exercises are yoga exercises?

The foundation of all yoga, the main secret of any yoga exercise is in harmony, in the right combination of where you need to force yourself and where you can afford it.

If you only allow yourself, progress will be slow, because yoga classes require a person's will, determination, effort; on the contrary, if you force the process too much and constantly "keep yourself in check", without relaxing for a second, this will also slow down your practice. Asceticism in yoga is absolutely necessary, but it must be harmoniously combined with relaxation and enjoyment of the practice.

In yoga, the most important thing is not WHAT you do, but HOW you perform a particular exercise. You can twist into three knots and take the most complex asana, which will look one-in-one like in the picture, but will not be yoga, but you can take the simplest pose and get a huge effect from it.

In other words, we must avoid extremes, observe the principle of common sense and listen very carefully to our body, to our feelings, emotions, feelings. Any physical or mental exercise may or may not be a yoga exercise, but the element of inner harmony and joy from its performance is important.


+966 788 651 88