The mission of our club

The mission of our yoga center is to help people to self-tune to higher vibrations, discover hidden abilities, develop intuitiveness, which will help even in conditions of external stress to achieve balance of their own consciousness and generate positive energy on the way to their own well-being and prosperity.

Interior design

The bright and spacious interiors of our studio are as comfortable as possible for classes at any time.

A healthy lifestyle, a healthy and beautiful body and active recreation have long set trends for society.
But, often, we all either do not have enough time, or the line about the sports club does not fit into the family budget.
Therefore, our network offers everyone modern, well-equipped fitness clubs, with really popular prices, where you can practice at any time convenient for you!

How did the Shanti yoga network come about? 

We are a relatively young network of sports clubs that has already won the recognition of thousands of customers.

The first club was opened in 2012.
Since the metro station is located a few meters from the club, it was decided to name the hall "Shanti".
We did not stop at one room and began to actively expand our coverage. Now the network is present in 12 cities and has about 30 clubs.

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Why choose us?

  1. Transport accessibility;
  2. Highly qualified coaching staff;
  3. Prices available to everyone;
  4. Round-the-clock operation;
  5. More than 20 directions of group classes;
  6. Modern exercise machines for all muscle groups.


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