Types of yoga

Yoga for Beginners

This is a classic hatha yoga, adapted for people practicing for the first time or for a very short time. During the lessons, the teacher gives more detailed descriptions and adjustments of all the techniques.

Experienced instructors of the yoga studio "Shanti" will help you build a dialogue between body and soul and find yourself. Unlike some types of practices, hatha yoga is available to anyone and everyone who wants to achieve perfection of body and soul, to find peace and harmony.

Suitable for all levels of training, recommended for beginners.

Jivamukti Yoga

One of the types of classes in the Jivamukti yoga direction. Its duration is 1 hour (60-80 minutes), while the class is dynamic, full-fledged, which can be confidently attributed to "getting in shape". The structure of the class is a fixed sequence of asanas, which includes warming up, several rounds of greeting to the sun (surya namaskar), standing poses, back bends, forward bends, twists, inverted positions, final meditation and, of course, high-quality shavasana.

The unchanging sequence of the class allows you to explore the inner content of the external form without being distracted by the external form, while keeping your attention on the breath, intention, and other principles of vinyasa.

Power Yoga

This is a more advanced hatha yoga course for people with good physical fitness and for continuing and advanced practitioners.

Strength yoga focuses on the development of physical strength, flexibility and energy, it includes primarily exercises for muscle loading and stretching. Power yoga works more with the student's body shell than with his consciousness. A harmonious emotional state, the development of concentration of the mind, getting rid of psychological blocks, tension and negative thoughts are only the result of successfully overcoming difficulties during diligent practice.


Meditation classes include deep relaxation techniques and mindfulness work.

Contribute to the development of concentration skills, which is so necessary to be collected during the day and included in the present moment.

Inner involvement is therapeutic in itself, because it leads to a sense of peace and awareness, helps to manage emotions, understand your experiences, change your attitude to pain, and cope with stress.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga-recommended for people who regularly practice for more than a year, because the level of physical activity and the depth of the study of asanas require both high endurance and quite extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of yoga.

Hatha yoga performs a task that a person himself is not capable of in most cases: it squeezes out the vanity and doubts from the area of consciousness, leaving a blessed silence.


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